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The Who’s Who in Hungarian Archaeology contains information, regularly updated, about researchers who earned an MA or PhD degree in archaeology in Hungary and sent us their completed fill-in forms. Filling in the form is voluntary; the archaeologist himself/herself is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the published data.

Fill-in form to download (doc Format in Hungarian)
Guide to download (Rich Text Format in Hungarian)

Note: It is very important to sign your fill-in form because with your signature you authorize us to store and publish your data for the purposes of the Who’s Who in Hungarian Archaeology.

Data correction, amendments, comments

We recommend that you inform us if there are any changes in your personal data, if possible within two weeks, and send us the list of your new excavations, publications, and other additions from time to time. We are also pleased to receive our readers’ comments and suggestions. Only your continuous cooperation can guarantee the usefulness of this work! Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Copy Editing

The maintenance of the publication is based on the work of volunteers. We encourage and await volunteers to help us in this activity.



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